FIFO and Managing a Baby Study

The FIFO and Managing a Baby study (FaMB study) is a research study being conducted at the University of Western Australia, as part of the UWA FIFO pregnancy study. These studies are a world first look into pregnancy and life after pregnancy for FIFO women and FIFO partners.
We know from past research that social supports are especially important in moderating the symptoms of postnatal depression. The partners of FIFO workers may be at an increased risk of postnatal depression because they have to deal with the regular absence of their partner. It has not been studied if the partners of FIFO workers are at increased risk of postnatal depression.

What is the purpose of this research?

The purpose of this study is to determine if the partners of FIFO workers display any of the symptoms of postnatal depression and whether or not these symptoms are related to their social supports.
Our aims are:
1. We want to know if the wives and girlfriends of FIFO workers are at an increased risk of developing postnatal depression
2. Is postnatal depression related to the supports women have?

Who do we need to participate?

We would like the partners of FIFO workers who have recently had their baby, to participate. They should be aged over 18 and be approximately 2-6 months post-partum.

What does participation in this project involve?

Participation involves completing an online survey and possibly having an interview with our researcher. The survey is anonymous and available online. The interviews are needed to find out as much as we can about peoples social supports and what has helped them get through the challenge of becoming a new mum. These can be performed over the phone or in person. Participation in the study does not necessarily require any physical attendance

When does this project close for participation?

We are continuing to recruit new participants until early 2017.

How will this information be used?

This information will help us to assess whether there needs to be further research into the FIFO lifestyle. Any results published from this and the other UWA FIFO pregnancy studies will remain anonymous and participants are free to withdraw at any time.

Who is conducting the trial?

This project is being conducted by a student researcher at UWA in the School of Population Health

Where to go for more information

Further information can be found at the following website: The website also contains instructions to participate
You can also email if you have any questions.

Auspicing Institution and Ethics Committee Approval

This study has been approved by The University of Western Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee. Study number RA/4/1/6953