Victoria ARAFEMI offers two main support groups in Hawthorn and Bendigo. These support groups offer sub – support groups relating to mental illness and the carer's role. The groups are interactive, practical and respond to the needs of family carers.

For more information call VIC ARAFEMI on (03) 9810 9300, email or visit the ARAFEMI website at:


1. Relatives and Friends Support Group:
this group is specifically designed to meet the needs of family and friends of someone with a mental illness.

2. Bridging the Gaps Forum:
This is a educational forum that explores the service options open for young people aged 16 – 28 years, who are experiencing a mental illness and their families.

3. Offspring Group:
this is a specialised training course of 8 – 10 weeks long for people who have grown up with a parent with a mental illness.

4. Bipolar Support Group:
this support group is for people who experience bipolar disorder.

5. Carers' Coping Skills Workshop:
This is a short, skills based course for families of people with mental illness. People can contact us on phone: 03 9810 9300 for further information and costs.


There is a cost of between $10.00 and $30.00 to become a member of ARAFEMI. The membership entitles you to receive a quarterly newsletter and use of the library offered.


The reference library offered at Victoria ARAFEMI is small but useful and informative, with many relevant titles on hand. There have been some recent arrivals to the library and they are at present available. Some of the books available at ARAFEMI Victoria are;
1. Mood Swings and Mental Health Information for sufferers and carers. (28 page booklet on bipolar disorder).
2. Inside Out A guide to self – management of manic depression.
3. About Depression 14 page booklet.
4. Mental Illness – A Booklet For Partners 12 page booklet.
5. About How To Cope At Home 9 page booklet.
6. Coping With A Mental Illness – A Handbook For Family Carers 38 page booklet.
7. Handle With Care – A Workbook About Mental Illness For 8 – 12 Year Olds 64 page booklet.
8. A Booklet For Young People About Mental Illness 34 page booklet.

These and many more relevant titles are available to members for borrowing.