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There are a lot of good resources available for treatment, help and support for people living with depression and other mood disorders, including some great resources for families & friends.

We are currently doing a major review of our HIYA section so many sections are not yet included in our new website.  We are steadily updating so return regularly to check on new resources available.

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Finding a health professional

If you would like to find a psychologist and don’t know where to start you may find the following links helpful:

Australian Psychological Society (APS) (National) Links directly to the APS 'Find a Psychologist' service.

Complete the search form and it will bring up a list of Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists in your suburb and the radius you have specified. If you then click on the name of an appropriate Psychologist it will bring up further information, i.e. contact details, the type of therapy they provide, whether they are registered with Medicare, etc.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Click on Find A Professional and follow the instructions.

Better Health Channel (Victoria Only) Links directly to the Find a Health Service in Victoria search page of the Victorian Government's Better Health Channel website.

You just need to enter your postcode (must begin with '3' for Victoria) and select the type of health professional or service you need.

If you have private health insurance many of the Funds will provide rebates for psychologist fees. Check with your Fund.

If you are unable to afford the fees for a psychologist it is a good idea when making your first appointment to clarify whether they will bulk bill Medicare for your consultations. There is more information below regarding…

How to obtain psychological services under Medicare

To see a psychologist under the Medicare scheme you need to talk to your GP and ask that he/she draw up a “Mental Health Treatment Plan” (this is the red tape side of obtaining a referral for a psychologist).

Your GP may ask questions about why you think you need this service if they have no previous knowledge of your problems, and ask you to complete a short questionnaire to assess how you are feeling (usually a K10 form).

They will then complete the necessary Medicare forms and give you a referral for the Psychologist. If you have already found a Psychologist yourself take his/her details with you to the appointment.  Alternatively your GP should be able to recommend someone to you.

Under the bulk billing provisions, from 1st November 2011, you can have up to 10 individual psychologist sessions in a calendar year (your GP will need to assess you after 6 sessions) AND up to 10 group therapy services per calendar year.

Your psychologist will guide you as to how many appointments he/she feels you need.  If therapy goes into the next calendar year, you will need a new referral from your GP.

The APS has a very good Information for Clients summary on their website.

(Information sourced from Medicare and APS)