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Writing down our thoughts and feelings can help in many ways. It can provide relief from intense emotions, help slow down and/or clarify our thoughts, and just be generally helpful to 'get it out'.

Sharing what we write with others helps them as well. Being able to read about how other people feel helps us to know we are not alone and can give words to our own experiences.

Please send us your contributions to share with others here!


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Our Articles


A Tree That Survived Winter by Laura

A Deeper Well – Art Therapy and Depression  by Karen ('Dreampainter')

Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown by John

Communication, Meaning and Mental Ilness by Whoami

Crying Is As Good As It Gets by J.A.M.

Depression: Is It Contagious by Grant

Fighting Depression by I Care

Finding My Way Around Hell by Laura

Giving Sorrow Words – Writing and Depression by Karen ('Dreampainter')

Hallucinations by Moonlight

Healing and Freedom by Andrew

Insights into Depression – A Glimmer of Hope by Andrew

      – Chapter One

      – Chapter Two

      – Chapter Three

Looking Out Windows by Caramel

My Wild Trip Into Mania by Moonlight

Mental Illness – I Will Be Okay by Sacredrose

Motivation – Who Motivates The Motivator? by Alan

Perhaps If I Explain It Like This by Laura

Please Don't Laugh Behind My Back by Moonlight

Robin's True Story and Testimony by Robin

Schitzophrenia by Moonlight

Some Thoughts On The Sources Of My Depression by Nigel

The Terror Of Words by Peter

Thoughts by Whoami

To Never Be Me Again by Moonlight

When A Bandaid Wont Do by Moonlight



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Our Poetry 


4AM Ponderings by Kristy ('fallingleaves')

Depression – an acrostic poem by Claire ('cb.')

Folded Wings by Kristy ('fallingleaves')

Old News by Kristy ('fallingleaves')

Someday by Kristy ('fallingleaves')

Under A Field Of Stars by Kristy ('fallingleaves')

Where Is The Magic In Nature by NB

Our Poetry – Pre 2010



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Our Photos and Art


Photos by Couscat

Photos by Pochamoonshine

Our Art – Pre 2010


Please feel free to submit any pictures you would like to share that you have done for therapy or as a distraction 🙂



More items coming soon!

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