How You Can Help!

There are so many important ways that everyone and anyone can contribute to our dNet, and make a real difference in the lives of other people like us 'out there'. 

Here we list some of the many ways that you can help to ensure dNet provides the best online peer support website and service for other people like us – Australians living with depression including our families and friends! 

There are a range of 'once off' or ad hoc activities (see below) and we also need many more people to join our wonderful Team and contribute to dNet on a more formal, regular basis.

How you can help on an ad hoc basis: 

  1. Share your story
  2. Share how dNet has helped you
  3. Make a financial donation – once off or set up a regular donation
  4. Shop at Ritchies and nominate dNet as your charity
  5. Distribute dNet wallet cards & fliers in your area
  6. Let others know that dNet is here for them when they need it!
  7. Be willing to be interviewed by media etc
  8. Participate in relevant research projects
  9. Find and send in relevant articles, research, etc
  10. Join our dNet Working emailing list to be notified as other things come up that we need helping hands with.
  11. Let us know of other ways you feel you can help!

Share Your Story

It is important that our website is as 'current' as possible.  We need as many people as possible to share their story so we can include it in the Our Stories section of the website.  This is one of the areas that people like us find most valuable when they first visit dNet as reading other's stories helps us to know that we are not alone! 


How dNet Helps / Helped Me

Write about how dNet has helped you.  The website, messageboard, chat, support you received, giving support to others etc  As little or as much as you feel comfortable sharing about how dNet has helped you with recovery or management of your depression – or in any other way!  Most important is that it is genuine and individual and gives others a sense of the value of dNet to you… so others know how it may be helpful to them.  We include these in the How dNet Helps area of the website.

Send your Story and / or How dNet Helps to and HeyJude or one of the other website Team will put it into a webpage and let you know when it is there.  Remember to include your age, username or first name, and gender if not obvious 🙂


Make a financial contribution / donation

We are able to provide the dNet website and services due to the generousity of people like us – people like you, who contribute our time and skills and or money to cover the essential costs.  Every little bit helps and making a once-off, ad-hoc or setting up a regular donation, no matter how small, really does make a big difference! 

There are a number of ways we can make donations and these are all given on our donation page. All donations over $5 are tax deductible!


Shop at Ritchies & use your dNet Ritchies Community Benefits Card

When shopping at Ritchies and by using your community benefit card or tag linked to dNet then Ritchies will donate money back to us. These cards and tags can be used at ANY Ritchies store throughout Vic, NSW and Qld.

To get a dNet Ritchies card, either:

  1. ask the next time you visit a Ritchies store.  Make sure you tell them you want dNet as your charity! 
  2. Send us your address and we can post an application for (it is very simple!) out to you.

Then use your card or tag every time you shop even if you only purchase a couple of items, it all adds up.

List of Ritchies Store Locations


Distribute dNet fliers and wallet cards

Let others know that dNet is here for them too by putting up dNet fliers and distributing dNet wallet cards around your area.  Workplaces, sporting venues, community centres and libraries, chemists, medical centres and GPs are all great places.  These are also good to have to hand to friends and family!

If you send an email to and let Jynx know your postal address and how many of each you would like, she will post them out to you. 

You can also view/ download them here:  dNet Wallet Card    dNet Flier


Letting everyone know that dNet is here when they need it!

It is so important that no one need ever feel that they are alone or have nowhere to turn. 

In addition to distributing our fliers and wallet cards, there are a number of other ways that you can help to ensure that everyone knows that the website and services – and most importantly, people just like them – are available 24 hours a day.

Include the dNet logo and or link to on your website, facebook, as a link in your emails, etc. 
Download the dNet Logo 
Suggested wording for links:  
" dNet – People Like Us: 24 hour independent, peer information help and support for Australians living with depression!"

Please let us know if you can think of other ways to let people know that dNet is here for them!  We can then share your ideas and suggestions here.



Be a Media Interviewee

From time to time we get requests from media looking for people to be interviewed on a range of depression and other mental health issues.  If you are willing to be interviewed, or may be willing, it would be great to include your name on our list of possible interviewees.

When a media request comes in, we would then contact you to see if you would be willing and able to help out.  There is NO obligation at any time.  Really this is just being willing to be notified and consider if it is something you might like to help with.

While we do post to the Noticeboard in our forums, often people don't happen to see this. 

Let us know if you would be happy to be on our media mailing list.


Participate in Research Projects / Studies

dNet supports research into any aspect of depression and other mood disorders with a 'Help Them to Help Us' approach. 

The more participants research projects have, the more accurate the results and the more is learnt about various aspects of depression.

This can also be a great way to access new and emerging treatments – for free!

We have information on the dNet website about projects currently needing our help, and we invite you to join our research projects emailing list so we can let you know when new projects are seeking participants.


Let us know about anything of interest and/or benefit to people living with depression

dNet aims to provide one place where people like us can come to find all the relevant information, help and support we need.

Please let us know about anything that may be of interest and/or help to people living with depression and other mood disorders so we can include it here on the dNet website for others to find. 

Send us anything you come across at all, for example articles in the media, interviews on TV, new research results or projects, events, workshops, treatments, private or public services, support services, etc etc.  Remember to include those for our families as well!


Join our dNet Working emailing List

A wide assortment of opportunities to help out come along from time to time and it would be great to have you on our mailing list to let you know about these.  You can then decide if each is something you would like to help out with. 

These range from signing an online petition (eg to maintain psychological treatments on the medicare rebate system) to 'voting for' dNet online in a fundraiser, etc

Join our dNet Working emailing list.